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Nasa Strong provides fast and greatly improved strength, functionality, and neurological efficiency as well as superb treatment of osteoporosis and back and joint pain.

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It is a unique concept based on scientific research, and the combination of unique equipment, high-intensity training and personal instructors, which provides results that were not possible before and in record time.


Book an appointment for an intro-session. - You will be very pleasantly surprised by NASA STRONG - the future of excercise.


"Maximum instantaneous intensity", which scientists often refer to as "unattainable" (although more correctly it would be "not available with existing equipment") can now be achieved with NASA STRONG.

"With a motionless protocol, you can stimulate strength and size increases that are at least equal to those obtainable with full-range training, and since muscle building is the goal, if it can occur with the least amount of wear and tear possible, this is a desirable option."

- Dr. Doug McGuff, BODY BY SCIENCE

With Nasa Strong, you start in your strongest position, which is the position that recruits the most muscle fibers (and is the safest position), and for 5-10 seconds exert maximum effort while your force output in equivalent weight lifted is graphed in real-time on the equipment.

The next time you perform that same exercise, your previous Peak Force is indicated on the app to visualize your goal to surpass so you can progressively overload that muscle group each time and ensure continuous gains.

If you are familiar with typical strength training workouts, you know the hardest repetition is the very last one. But why not start with this last repetition? All of the sets and repetitions that come before this last rep are a huge waste of time since they deplete energy and prevent you from ever achieving an optimal workout.

The only way to stimulate your body for optimal growth in strength and size is by forcing the body to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible during a given exercise. This is achieved only by working out in the strongest range or position (near lock-out), with the highest amount of resistance possible.

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More than expected!

"I came to Nasa Strong primarily because of a weak lower back and just wanted a gentle and easy build-up of my muscles. To my great surprise, it was more than that. ​


It boosts my overactive nervous system, so I feel more collected and ready, and it strengthens and grounds me in my daily life. Furthermore, it is easy and simple training that does not require too much of me and 10 min. is easy to find time for. I feel completely "high" every time I leave training. ​


The instructor is also really pleasant to be with."

Nina Christensen

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Helle didn't think it was possible to improve her muscle status with such a small weekly effort!

" I am a physiotherapist, and due to my professional background I was initially somewhat skeptical of the Nasa Strong concept. But I was very prepared to try, as I was specifically looking for an effective workout for my muscles that could easily and quickly fit into an activity-filled everyday life. I have now tested the Nasa Strong training concept on my own body: namely 5 exercises where different muscle groups perform one maximum isometric contraction - followed by a week of recovery. I have so far improved my "Body Strength" by 82% (this is measured on a computer) and not only am I super happy with my result, I have also gained professional respect for the training method. I actually didn't think it was possible to improve one's muscle status with such a small weekly effort."

Helle Bruhn Petersen



Very fast. Very easy. Very effective!

"I train at Nasa Strong to gain strength and good shape and maintain it. ​


I have been very surprised by the results and how practical and convenient it all is. ​


At least I don't have to stand and sweat in a fitness center when I can achieve better results in Nasa Strong and in a fraction of the time."

Lars Baaring Hansen


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Anne thinks Nasa Strong is fantastic!

"I train at Nasa Strong once a week. It is very effective. More than I ever would have thought. It's so short and I don't have to change clothes or take a shower afterwards. ​


Also, I don't need to do anything else to stay in good shape and maintain my functionality. In 9 sessions I have achieved a strength increase of 113% - Amazing!"


Anne Ellemand

Reflexology therapist

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increased inner strength and well-being

I highly recommend Nasa Strong.


It is effective and can easily fit into a busy everyday life because it takes 10 minutes. once a week - and then I don't have to change.


My goal is to do something good for my body and after just a few sessions I felt increased inner strength and well-being.


Helle Poulsen


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